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“Strive for More than Just Average”

LION Alumna Highlight: Johendy Encarnacion

Ms. Bediako, Director of College Advising and Post-Secondary Success recently informed the LION community about the activities of one of our Class of 2022 alumni. She wrote, “Introducing our very own LION Alumna, Johendy Encarnacion ’22, who has just been hired as part of the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) at St. Lawrence University and in the town of Canton, NY. Johendy joined LION in the 7th grade and graduated last spring with an Advanced Regents Diploma because ‘I wanted to strive for more than just average.’ Johendy is currently pursuing a double major in mathematics and accounting and a minor in education at St. Lawrence University. On the side she saves lives. Talk about extra-curricular activities!”

We reached out to Johendy to ask her to share about her college experience, her process of becoming an EMS, and her future plans after she graduates from  St. Lawrence University. 

Johendy shared, “Thank you so much for the acknowledgement. I truly appreciate it. During my time at St. Lawrence University, I want to be active in campus life. I want to be known and make my name during the free time I have in college. 

My first semester I hit a couple of bumpy roads and I didn’t know if I wanted to continue to pursue higher education. Being on a predominantly white campus, it was very hard to fit in at some points, but then I started joining clubs and organizations. I found my people and some of my close friends today. 

The process to become an EMS student was very easy. I was walking around the club fair and thought to myself, ‘Should I do EMS this year?’ My senior year of high school my sister was going to pay for my EMT course in the city but being here I realized I can do all of that for free. St. Lawrence pays for my EMT classes at Clarkson, and they help me learn some of the skills I need for this job.

After completing my double major program at St. Lawrence, I hope to become either a math teacher or an accountant. I also hope to have many internship opportunities so I am able to secure a job once I finish college.”