You are currently viewing Alumni Spotlight: Briyant Frimpong (LION ‘23), Recipient of the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship

Alumni Spotlight: Briyant Frimpong (LION ‘23), Recipient of the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Briyant Frimpong (LION ‘23) was one of two recipients of the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship this year. This scholarship honors the life of an inspiring Bronx youth and aims to invest in the college experiences of Bronx high school graduates. Recipients are awarded $20,000 and benefit from continued mentoring from Oyate staff throughout their college careers. For more information about the Oyate Group and the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship please click here.  

We reached out to Briyant to learn more about his first year at Brandeis University and receiving this scholarship. 

“The transition from high school to college has been filled with some challenges but many exciting experiences. Overall, college has been going well for me. I’ve been adjusting to the rigors of college and been trying to balance my academic and social life. In terms of my academic life for my first semester, I’ve been exploring many fields including computer science, math, and economics. The rigor of these classes has been challenging but manageable with the support of resources I have here. In terms of my social life, I’ve been able to meet and connect with so many amazing people here at college, which has been great. I’ve also joined various clubs, such as the Brandeis Investment Club, the Quant Club, the Brandeis African Student Organization, and many more clubs, which have introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals and opened doors for valuable networking opportunities.

The process of applying for the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship started during the spring semester of my senior year. My college counselor at the time, Ruperto Peres, encouraged many of my peers and me to apply for the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship. I applied in April and after applying, I was emailed later in July with news saying that I was chosen to be a finalist. I had my finalist interview with the Oyate Group and then later in August, I was notified that I received the Brandon Hendricks Scholarship, which made me very happy. This scholarship not only provided financial support but also granted me the opportunity to share my story through articles and broadcasts across different news platforms showcasing the significance of the scholarship.”

This scholarship will enhance my college journey by helping relieve immediate financial concerns for my family. Ultimately, I feel like this scholarship will allow me to direct more energy and attention toward my academic endeavors, allowing me to dive deeper into my passions and stay engaged in campus life. Besides the financial assistance, this scholarship serves as a reminder and awareness regarding the issues of gun violence, which I’ll hold on to throughout my college journey.”

On this edition of OPEN Friday, Rhina speaks to program coordinator Alexander Reyes of Oyate Group alongside recent high school graduates Jennifer Agbanyo and Briyant Boakye Frimpong to discuss the Brandon Hendricks scholarship.