LION Elementary School (K-3) is a place of joy and excitement for learning. We offer an inclusive program where all learners feel safe, nurtured, and challenged. Our staff embraces the uniqueness of each child and strives to foster confidence and character development.

The Elementary School (K-3) centers identity exploration and skill development via a project-based curriculum and comprehensive, research-based resources. Students develop their ability to be critical thinkers, researchers, and problem solvers. Families and staff partner to support each student’s development through self-reflection and the development of self-awareness using a skills-based approach. Through diverse curricular offerings, we expose students to the arts, science, technology, and physical education. These experiences provide myriad opportunities that foster academic growth and creative expression.

LION Facts

For six years in a row, LION Elementary School has been designated a No Place for Hate School, working with students to understand the importance of character, community, and conflict resolution.