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LION Kindergarten Signing Day:

LION Kindergarten Signing Day: Welcoming Our Newest Cubs

On Saturday, May 20th, LION Charter School had the pleasure of hosting new and current LION Families for our inaugural Kindergarten Signing Day. This event gave families a unique opportunity to celebrate the major milestone of transitioning from preschool to kindergarten, engage and interact with LION staff, and enroll their children in-person. The day was filled with fun activities, including taking pictures with LION-themed photo props and receiving LION-branded swag, school supplies, toys, and prizes. As is typical of LION, lifelong friends were made! 

LION staff were able to gain valuable insight into our families’ goals, values, and wishes for their children while sharing LION’s all-encompassing educational philosophy. For Elementary Director of Student Support and Guidance Brezhnev Sanchez, this event was particularly important in highlighting the importance of our school-family partnership. “Not only does LION serve the student, but we serve, support, and cultivate relationships with the families as a whole. Through the Signing Day process, the partnership between home and school begins its wonderful journey.”

Families were similarly thrilled with the event and shared their joy during individual Family Meetings that took place during the celebration. LION parent and Kindergarten Teacher Lisbeth Sanchez found the event especially rewarding. “I enjoyed Signing Day as both a teacher and parent. It’s special to create a bond with the families and to make them feel welcomed. We also get to meet the kiddos ahead of time and pump them up for the new school year. Signing Day is both rewarding and heartwarming.” Overall, LION’s Kindergarten Signing Day was a huge success, bringing together families and staff for a memorable celebration of this important milestone. Please stay tuned for details of our next Signing Day event, which will take place in the coming weeks.