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National African American Recognition Award: Class of 2024 Recipients

We are pleased to announce that two of our LION seniors have been selected as College Board National Recognition Program awardees. Hayden Asiedu and Bountouraby Cisse (pictured above) received the National African American Recognition Award. Bountouraby and Hayden earned this award due to their academic achievements and performance on Advanced Placement (AP) exams or the PSAT exam. Eligible students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and excel on the PSAT exam or earn a three or higher on at least two AP exams, designating college-level achievement.

Hayden and Bountouraby shared with us what receiving this award means to them and the lessons they have learned during their time at LION.

Hayden Asiedu

For me, to receive the NAARA is a great reward for all the hard work I’ve done. Considering I’m a person of color, I do face challenges and disadvantages in many fields. However, I strive to persevere. This award gives credence to my efforts, and I’m grateful for that. Receiving this award has motivated me to work harder than I already am. It pushed me to encourage my peers to achieve recognition like this as well. 

At LION, I’ve learned the value of community. I will take that lesson to college with pride to uplift and build the community of the college I choose to attend.

Bountouraby Cisse

To receive the NAARA means that I was given an opportunity to excel academically while being able to show off my ethnic background as well. This is also a way to give my parents the opportunities they may have missed in their home country through me, and I’m grateful to have the privilege to do so. Additionally, receiving this award removed my doubts about not being an achieving student. I received this award at the end of 11th grade, which was a really tough year for me. It has motivated me to continue my school work and finish high school strong. 

My eight years of being at LION have taught me that family is the most important thing to have. Whether in the friends you make, your teachers, or other staff members, there is a chance to get one-on-one time with everyone. They’re basically your second family.