Christine Moloughney

Elementary School Director

Ms. Moloughney joined LION Charter School as a K-8 Technology teacher in 2008 following an information technology career in higher education. After serving 3 years in the classroom, she was selected as an Emerging Leadership Fellow with the New York City Charter School Center for 2012-2013. This program focused on leadership development by guiding leaders through rotations in school culture, community engagement, recruitment, accountability, and school finance. After completing this program, Ms. Moloughney took on the role of Dean of School Life K-5, where she worked to ensure that the programs, activities, and day-to-day operations of the Elementary were aligned with LION’s mission. This included onboarding new teachers, leading staff professional development, teacher observations, and maintaining school culture through weekly school meetings,  a discovery group curriculum,  and special events.

In the fall of 2020, Ms. Moloughney began her thirteenth year at LION. She is a graduate of Pace University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Communication and a Master of Science in Teaching as an Educational Technology Specialist.

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